KTF Sports
KTF Sports

Kart, “Turismo” (GT cars) and Formula: This is how KTF Sports was born.

Established at the end of 2017, KTF Sports was born from the passion of its CEO – Enzo Bortoleto, for motorsport. With victorious passes in kart and formula races, with participation in Europe, Bortoleto returned to the country with the aim of implementing an innovative project for the sport in Brazil. Thus, in 2018, he competed with his own team for the Stock Light season achieving the rookie championship and the overall 2nd place.

The acronym KTF means KART, GT and FORMULA thus composing the pillar of action where the team develops its activities. KTF aims to create a true academy of drivers where, from the go-kart races to the main categories of world motorsport drivers can enjoy the whole structure of the professional team.

KTF concentrates its activities in its own headquarters with more than 2,000 m² in the city of Cotia – SP. From the preparation of the pilots in simulator to the part of physical and psychological preparation, everything is attended at the team headquarters. Apart from that, as the space is quite wide, KTF does at its headquarters all the assembly and maintenance of the cars of Stock Car, F-4 Brazil and Endurance.

The team, which has the technical signature of engineer Guilherme Ferro, marketing direction of Flávio Quick and administrative command of José Roberto Sabathe, acts in partnership in karting with the team Car Racing. The team has victorious participation in the competitions with the highlight of the Four Championships in the traditional Karting 500 Miles race.

In Europe, KTF works in partnership with the traditional english team Invicta UNI Virtuosi, where it participates in 2024 of the events in the FIA F-2 with the driver Gabriel Bortoleto.